IT Services & Enablement

Draca Investments is committed to the technological impact of our services, that’s core to our DNA.
We base our services and methodology to meet the ever evolving Cloud Technologies. Our Consulting & Enablement Model has been created to unlock efficiency and unleash performance potential. From a bespoke, customisable and encompassing approach to technology, we’ve been exacting and exhaustive.

Enablement Solutions

As a Microsoft Learning Partner we aim at enabling every organisation and person to fully utilise systems, applications and business skills.

Licensing & Cloud Services

Managed licensing and cloud services tailored to suit your business requirements and flexible to your growth

Application Development

Bespoke solutions designed for functionality and simplicity with the advancement of technology.

Consulting & Managed Services

With the ever changing pace of technology today, we understand that it is difficult to keep up with the evolving changes, we can assist you in easing the struggles and streamlining your technological needs

Hardware Solutions

With us working closely with our customers and partners, we have extended our offering to provide you with high quality hardware to ensure you gain the best advantage in your business environment and allows us to work seamlessly with keeping you up to date.


Ready to find out more?

"All Connected", meaning we have a wide range of services available to meet your every ICT need. Send us a message and we'll arrange to meet with you and customise your bespoke solution.